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General first aid kit must include

General first aid kit must include:

(A) the size of the drug-free sterile gauze

(B) of the respective sizes of cohesive gauze

(C) Delta cable bandage

(Iv) zinc oxide tape

(E) water absorbent cotton wool

(F) the pressure bandage

(VII) safety pin

(VIII) replacement of gloves

(I) the eye bath and eye wash water

(X) waterproof adhesive tape

(11) the disinfectant

(12) for medical scissors


(A) drug-free sterile gauze used to clean the wound and gently cover the wound.

(B) the cohesive gauze to separate wounds and dressings, made when dressing as a result wound secretion connecting with dressing and cause pain.

(C) the triangular bandage is widely used. It can be folded into a circular pad, not direct pressure on the wound. It can be used for large and small hands hang, hanging triangle hand in order to support and improve the injured arm, let it rest. In addition it can be used as dressing chest, back, shoulders, elbows, knees, feet and buttocks.

(Iv) zinc oxide tape used to fix bandages, dressings and gauze used.

(E) the cotton used for washing the wound and used as a dressing.

(Vi), a fixed dressing bandages to bandage the wound. Bandages may also be used to fix parts suspected of injured joints or fractures.

(VII) safety pin used to fasten the bandage or triangular bandage; PIN security  design it is easy to loose.

(VIII) in contact with injured patients wounds, ambulance personnel should replace worn gloves to prevent infection through blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis, AIDS, etc.

(IX) If for foreign body in the eye or chemical eye with clean water or eye wash solution placed in the eyeglass, cleaning the affected area for about ten minutes.

(X) waterproof adhesive tape for fixing a dressing and protect the wound, wounds cannot come into contact with water, to reduce the chances of infection.

(11) the disinfection solution including alcohol and mercurochrome, iodine, and blue potions and so on. Generally used to sterilize the wound, the wound from infection. Not both mercurochrome and iodine poisoning.

(12) the scissors can untie the tie and dressing for easy dressing.

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