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Automatic Loading Stretcher Is Bright

Automatic Loading Stretcher is bright
Automatic Loading Stretcher with flexible mobility, you can quickly between the scene and the medical care to build a bridge between the rescue, the wounded in the car can avoid the traditional manpower handling brought about by the secondary injury, plus the necessary medical supplies Configuration, but also increased the success rate of rescue and ambulance efficiency. Automatic Loading Stretcher structure is compact, flexible, safe and reliable, and thus can be large-scale production, applied to the affected areas, so that the difficulty of life-saving, life-saving efficiency, can make the affected areas get rid of manpower is not enough, the wounded a single way of rescue, Time is slow and affect the progress of disaster dilemma.
The Automatic Loading Stretcher is designed to establish an effective control framework from the level of self-balancing intelligent system composed of one machine to realize the self-balancing operation of the ambulance in the unstructured environment. The research of this subject provides important experimental data for the ambulance application of the ambulance self-balancing control system after the disaster, such as earthquake, tsunami, debris flow, typhoon, mine accident and accident. The development of the Automatic Loading Stretcher is also a bold and beneficial attempt to develop intelligent medical equipment. The omnidirectional self-balancing control system can also be used in ordinary medical ambulance, and the downhill in the vehicle is self-balancing control. In the military can also be used for the level of the fort control and fighter balance control, so it has its broad prospects for development and profound social significance.
After a year of research and development and manufacturing, we developed the Automatic Loading Stretcher as shown in Figure 2, the car after several tests have been basically consistent with the original technical parameters, can walk in the complex road, self-balancing accuracy control in the range of 1 ° The
Self - balancing mechanism
Automatic Loading Stretcher the self-balancing mechanism of the stretcher, after the configuration of different self-balancing control drive motor, crawling different sizes of slope, get the test data in Table 1. It is shown that the accuracy of the self-balancing control drive motor is greater when the same level is used to detect the instrument, and the accuracy of the self-balancing level control of the automatic loader is smaller; the greater the slope of the climb The accuracy of the self-balancing level of the stretcher is less. So we finally determined the use of 500 stepper motor as the control level of the power drive.
Automatic Loading Stretcher 's walking - driving test
Automatic Loading Stretcher using off-road vehicle moving mode, loaded shock absorber, body weight 60kg under the premise of the use of 20W motor drive can be empty on the ground; use 40W motor drive can load a 30kg the following Children, climb l5 ° slope; when the motor power loaded to 100W, you can load less than 60kg adult lying on the 30 ° slope; and the motor loaded to 280W, the body can carry 150kg items, climb 40 ° slope. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the Automatic Loading Stretcher finally used the 280W motor as the driving force of the walking mechanism.
The ground surface of the disaster area is bad and the surface is uneven, which is likely to affect the balance of the Automatic Loading Stretcher, so that the Automatic Loading Stretcher produces varying degrees of swing, which in turn affects the body posture of the wounded. We consider the Automatic Loading Stretcher. The maximum swing angle of the body swing is ± 40 °, and the angle deviation within the angle of 40 ° can be corrected by the self-balancing control system, so that the automatic loading The Automatic Loading Stretcher is in any case kept within a ± 1 ° swing to obtain the best balance. The main accessories of this part are: gyroscope (tilt module), stepper motor, coupling, gearbox and single-chip and other electronic control devices. The gyroscope detects the gravitational verticality of the Automatic Loading Stretcher and generates a pulse signal to drive the two stepper motors. The stepper motor adjusts the angle to control the level of the front and rear of the ambulance support section, Keep the level on the stretcher. After the microcontroller to accept the gyroscope to send the signal, and to make accurate judgments and processing, control stepper motor rotation. Due to the weight of the stepper motor, we use the appropriate power of the motor, and then on this basis, select the gear box with the stepper motor, and strive to use the smallest stepper motor to produce the maximum torque.

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