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Buy Medical Equipment Folding Stretcher Eyes To Light Up

Buy medical equipment Folding Stretcher eyes to light up
When consumers are overwhelming product promotion attracted to buy and wear "US pupil", whether the thought of its existence risk? When the patient is in the TV "the medical device Folding Stretcher can cure diabetes" advertising language induced, high cost of purchase and use, whether to consider its effectiveness and safety? The use of a wide range of medical equipment Folding Stretcher, small thermometer, sphygmomanometer, heat stickers, Band-Aid, medical cotton swabs, large to nuclear magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, CT, etc., are all related to the patient's health and safety. State Food and Drug Administration spokesman Yan Jiangying said that the strong response to the masses of medical equipment Folding Stretcher hot and difficult problems, from mid-March to start in the country for a period of 5 months of the "five remediation" special action.
  State Foodstuff Supervision and Administration of Medical Device Folding Stretcher registration department deputy director Gao Guobiao introduction, medical equipment Folding Stretcher is a physical therapy for disease treatment equipment, China's supervision according to their different levels of risk are divided into three categories: the first through Regular management is sufficient to ensure its safety and effectiveness; the second category of its safety, effectiveness should be controlled; the third category refers to the implantation of the human body, used to support, maintain life, the human body is potentially dangerous, its safety , The effectiveness must be strictly controlled.
  In recent years, China's medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry rapid development, the annual growth rate of more than 21%. In 2013, China's medical equipment Folding Stretcher with an annual output value of more than 4000 billion yuan, the overall medical equipment Folding Stretcher safe situation for the better. However, due to China's medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry started late, the overall size of the industry is relatively small, relatively weak industrial base. Some enterprises have occurred irregularities, product quality, there are security risks, to the public health and safety hazards.
July 8, 2008, China Medical News Information Association and the China Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce jointly launched in Zhuhai, "Made in China" medical equipment Folding Stretcher innovation communication action "+" along the way "construction activities. At the 9th China (International) Medical Supplies Conference and China Medical Device Folding Stretcher Cooperation Forum held on the same day, Xu Zuixiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Medical News Information Association, briefed the participants on the work program of this event.
Advanced medical equipment Folding Stretcher is a combination of science and technology and clinical needs to lead the era of products, but also "Made in China" medical equipment folding trailer innovation pursuit of the main goal.
The current "Made in China" (made in China) around the world every corner, but bring out the "Chinese brand" of medical equipment Folding Stretcher products are rare. With the Chinese economy into the new normal, the domestic medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry development into the integration of differentiation stage, artificial intelligence technology, 3D personalized precision products for the contemporary medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry development provides an unprecedented demand for innovation. Looking back in 2015, China following the European Union, the United States after becoming the world's third largest medical equipment Folding Stretcher trading country, the domestic market from low-end quality to high school quality.
Aimed at the forefront of the development of the world's industrial technology to lead the core competitiveness of enterprises to become the international first-line brand, led the domestic medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry to high-end line, is the medical equipment Folding Stretcher industry innovation and upgrading of the inevitable way.

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