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Current Situation And Prospect Of Market Application Of China 's Stretcher

Regiment Luan Yushan, political commissar Cui Zhitian, folding Stretcher team composed of five districts. Of course, the more detailed description of the part shape, adams automatically determine the quality of parts and centroid position is more accurate, but the price is to spend a lot of time on the modeling in the modeling, and will be years Night down adams simulation and analysis of the operating efficiency. This kind of look-up table is simple and convenient, but because of the pump, spray gun and mixing device in the use of the work conditions tend to occur some changes such as mechanical wear, speed is not constant, pressure changes and spray hose length and length differences The difference between the dose of the dispenser and the amount of the sprayed spray caused by the concentration of the sprayed liquid. If the mother liquor is formulated in proportion to the table, the amount of the drug is too large and the amount of the drug is insufficient. Less than control end. The bunker fortifications line, by the National People's Congress Party deputy commander of the eleven theater and director of Tianjin, said Shangguan Yun personally approved.
Four regiment head Li Fengjiu, political commissar Li Shouzhong, folding Stretcher team composed of six districts. Lifted the sweat of the wounded, looking forward to the shift will be all the rice bags, backpack shoulder on the body. Here from the East Bureau of enemy defense area about four hundred meters. Nine consecutive sets of forward positions will be carried to the wounded, can be busy bad eight even. Operable pressure regulator on the regulator handle again and again a few times that can indicate the exact pressure.
Five regiment Zhang Guozhi, political commissar Chang Yuting, folding Stretcher team composed of ten districts. The team members of the wounded to help the care is meticulous, the wounded did not solve the big, urinary utensils, they use their own food to drink water with a bowl of feces to connect urine, and then wash it still use it to eat and drink water (members of Wu Zhenyu Of the enamel bowl, at the moment still in Tianjin Museum of History to retain). After the use of pesticides do not enter the pump inside the pump can reduce the erosion and wear. And Tanggu area is located in saline, root hair is not long, a magnanimous, neither cover, and can not build trenches into force, our army is difficult to annex, in the battle of our army casualties are great. It is the world's most widely used in all the simulation software, it provides customers with a strong modeling, simulation, the use of all kinds of mechanical systems to build a variety of mechanical systems Modeling, simulation and analysis.
In this regard, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Shen Xiaohong that the high-level room should be the perfect elevator to set up equipment to facilitate folding folding Stretcher delivery of patients, and this included in Beijing's new high-rise building mandatory norms. 1 in accordance with the crank rocker mechanism crank can exist on the premise of the shortest rod for the rack or rack; the shortest rod and the length of the longest rod is less than or equal to the sum of the remaining two rod length. At this time, the battlefield is slightly better, although there continue to guns, but not very intense. Beitang just fought, the old common run away, especially the rich people have already moved to Tianjin. 2 bracket length simply set the bracket to take into account the foldable and folded size, using 50mm is better. "Cattle into the warehouse rush to the organization team, Zhang Yuchun to call the first aid comrades, he just out of thirty meters, a row of shells and after the bombing. After the meeting, through a series of work to solve some problems, and Made the local people support, at dusk, they carried the wounded, night to Panzhuang. Just to start, mortal, by the purpose of Tianjin flying two enemy aircraft, constantly in the sky to turn around the enemy's fortress fortifications, Its peripheral stronghold, more closely guarded, more concentrated military power.
Different from the general folding Stretcher, it can be two separate plates inserted into the patient below the body, the most buckle after lifting. According to the master of the stereotypes, the reality of the problem in thinking, it seems not resolved, the wounded who really have to be tough. As shown in the figure: Stretchers have 4 stalls stretch design, and separately at four points from the card slot from the fixed dip. Players in the battalion, even the Department of instructions, the hurry to the wounded carried to the hidden, but many people, to disclose the policy, two fighters, followed by a strange call, dive down quickly, "bang bang ... ..." Muffled silly organs of the guns after the incident, and continued to throw a few small bombs, only gradually away.

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