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Folding Stretcher Development Trend

Folding Stretcher development trend
Folding Stretcher The support part of the walking mechanism is divided into two layers of the supporting mechanism of the material for the long coffee width of the stainless steel square tube that is to ensure that the support mechanism of the stiffness and the overall weight of the body will not affect the drive motor torque. In fact, many developers to consider the elevator will add real estate floor area and other factors, not according to the designated response to the elevator. Zhao big brother sorry ah you see this always with you to Stretcher the tool Fan pair. The blind is not a pair of shrimp? 6? 7? 6? 7 facing the audience you say that this may be the whole ah big brother you go back to push the norm you do not hold me Oh yeah that the two are a pair I can not remember what I do not know how to do this I do not know how to recognize their own illness on the line on the line I have no disease Zhao did not disease look at the details of a small sample I see you today is the head of silk wrapped around the eyes of the ball Anxious straight shaft jumped like a big stupid mountain public you do what things do not see it?
Folding Stretcher The walking mechanism uses a sport utility vehicle drive design. 5 spray machine parts of the pressure function press. In addition to the body of the elderly is not the bath of the elderly may also be related to the drowning and other dangerous circumstances of the process. 3 and the gasoline engine supporting the sprayer at a temperature of not less than -5 ℃ temperature from the determination of the idea, and the diesel engine supporting the sprayer at a temperature of not less than 5 ℃ to determine the idea of energy.
So that the folding Stretcher in any case are connected within a ± within the degree of twist to get the best balance. High because it would like to trip Shanjun Zhao Zheng is so accurate ah that leg can not be trampled on it ah Zhao you do not control step on the fold do not fold how Fan Fan that you are Mongolian it Zhao good. The International Society of Ergonomics is referred to as the study of human beings in the study of human beings in some aspects of the study of human beings, the study of human beings and the situation. In the middle of life and rest, how to consider the efficiency, human health, peace and comfort issues such as the study of the Stretcher first goal of the study is to reveal the human, machine, the situation between the phasic relationship to achieve The overall situation of the man-machine situation system is optimized. Use the motor to drive the empty car on the ground. Use the motor to load a child that can be loaded below the load when the motor power is loaded into the
The gyroscope detects the gravitational verticality of the folding Stretcher and generates a pulse signal to drive a stepper motor by adjusting the angle of the stepper motor to control the level of the front and rear of the ambulance support department so that the body of the sick and wounded person is folded The Stretcher is always tied to the level. In this setting to reduce the burden of both bathers and caregivers to improve the quality of the bathers to the quality of the ergonomics for the elderly with the bathing of the development of the technology has been viewed. At the same time, the expansion of the unavoidable space makes Stretcher the distance between the wounded and the treatment institutions greatly increased the requirement that the higher level of medical protection be provided to the frontier. 1 The test is carried out at the plant or institute, the plant protection machinery laboratory (field). China's medical care equipment in recent years have a larger growth, but for the elderly, Stretcher especially the old-fashioned old-fashioned products are still few, but with the accelerated pace of social rhythm People's pressure is more and more used to accompany the parents of the moment also will be reduced This is often the daily routine of the elderly will often live and care workers work and so on causing some concern.

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