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Hand Used Stretcher And Use Method

Hand used Stretcher and use method
1, lift the Stretcher, walking wheel Stretcher
2, shovel Stretcher
The shovel Stretcher is made of left and right two aluminum alloy plates. When the wounded, the wounded first placed in the supine position, fixed neck, and then the Stretcher of the left and right two pieces from the side of the wound into the back, fastened and then transported.
3, negative pressure inflatable cushion fixed Stretcher
The use of negative pressure inflatable cushion fixed Stretcher is the best tool for handling multiple fractures and spinal injuries. Inflatable pad can be properly fixed to the body of the wounded. When the first use of the pad after the pavement paving, the wounded on the pad, out of the bag air, air cushion can be hardened, while the wound was firmly fixed in which, and in the transport process has remained stable.
4, basket Stretcher
Also known as "Stoke Basket" (Stoke Basket), the market common for the two types: aluminum alloy; synthetic resin; its shape and its name is similar to a "boat". When the trapped person is trapped, the trapped person is placed in a Stretcher, and the Stretcher is surrounded by the "protruding" edge with the positive flat belt to "trap" the inside of the Stretcher. This will not leave the Stretcher because of the displacement of the Stretcher (such as turning, shaking). Behind the security, there are some hidden dangers. If the trapped people are obese, and tied to the front of the flat belt too tight for too long, it is easy to cause trapped chest tightness, suffocation. North American fire industry will be due to improper handling caused by trapped people died in the basket Stretcher of the situation known as the "iron coffin" (early basket Stretcher for aluminum).
5, roll Stretcher
Also known as "Sked", which is similar to a basket Stretcher in use, but lighter (8 to 12 kg) and can be crimped in a roller or backpack. Its raw materials are special synthetic resin, corrosion resistance, generally orange. The mainland market, the number of Stretchers Stretcher for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other imitation of Japan, South Korea's similar products. In the North American firefighting industry, the behavior of the trapped people who are caused by the improper operation of the rescuers in the scrolls is called the "shroud" (the early roll Stretcher is made of high strength canvas).
6. Basic dimensions of the salvage Stretcher:
The bed surface of the Stretcher can be adjusted to the forward or backward condition according to the actual operation requirements.The bed backrest is supported by a lockable pneumatic spring and can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-60 degrees. The appropriate position on the ambulance locks the Stretcher.
① the three sides of the wearer side by side kneeling on the side of the wounded body, respectively, the arm into the back of the wound, abdominal hips, lower limbs below, and then stand up, always keep the wounded body level, Body twisted. Three at the same time move, and at the same time the wounded on the hard Stretcher. Occurrence or suspicion of cervical injury should be another person responsible for traction, fixed head and neck, not to head and neck injury head injury, left and right swing or rotation. Four action must be consistent, while Pinto injured, and then on the hard Stretcher. Standing, walking, put down the handling process, by a medical staff command orders, unified action.

② the operator can also be single legs crisp on both sides of the wounded, one side is responsible for Pingtao wounded waist and hip, the other side of the two were responsible for the shoulder and lower limbs, still make the wounded body to maintain a horizontal position, Body twisted.

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