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Scoop Stretcher To Meet The New Challenges Of The Century

Scoop Stretcher to meet the new challenges of the century
1000kg scale rescue elevator for scale Scoop Stretcher lift. Selection of all stainless steel materials, with excellent resistance to erosion, resistance to magnetic, durable and easy to clean and clean. Weird concave and lock-type fixed assembly for the wounded Anjing installation and injury site fixed supply of a strong premise. x-ray can be placed through the center of the bed can be provided to the patient's spine can be divided into the structure of the image to facilitate the further needs of the inspection supply for Scoop Stretcher lunch. The backrest is free to scale at 0-75 degrees. Technical parameters: open size (length × width × height): 138 × 35 × 5cm net weight :. Clutch and folding assembly are self-developed structure of our school cleverly constructed simple and applicability. 6 machine assembly, outside the appearance and the honing of the package press. 9kg Gross weight: 6kg Carton size: 187 × 48 × 9cm Load: ≤159kg.
Tianjin area implementation of the scale: 2600x1800 wells Qingdao Planning Bureau issued a document on the implementation of the scale: at least one of the elevator to ensure that the handle of the Scoop Stretcher removable scaffolding flat into the smallest car size 1100x2100 car.
1 design of the first multi - functional folding towel stretcher, including the following three departments:. 2 student selection. 1 mechanical affairs course design imitation; Two - stage lifting function; equipped with two safe belt; equipped with folding retractable infusion stand Scoop Stretcher ; Fail to classify the table. Equipped with a quiet bearing 15 cm casters, suitable for a variety of complex road use; Improve the efficiency of emergency wounds. 1 instructor to explain the requirements of the topic and curriculum design specific requirements. It is easy to carry, easy to transport the rapid transfer of the wounded first aid quickly to avoid the second danger of the wounded and other advantages to improve the efficiency of the rescue. 2 wheel frame position adjustment mechanism; can operate the four-bar mechanism to achieve the adjustment of the wheel position and its fixed, reasonable design of the bar size; 6 should be completed after the completion of the material. 7 course design time Scoop Stretcher to place the moment. Can be transfused transfusion side of the installation can be shortened drip frame to facilitate the transfusion of the wounded transfusion greatly improved first aid efficiency. 5 wheel selection brake wheel load 50 kg force is divided equally four round load 200 kg. To avoid the rescue process caused by the "second trauma" for the successful implementation of the operation to create a brilliant premise. 4 to determine the behavior of the program and the initial design size, in a1 Scoop Stretcher drawings as required to draw the agency behavior analysis and other elements. In the hands of the operating parts of the installation of non - toxic environmentally friendly anti - skid jacket, add the operation to grasp the comfort, especially in the cold north use;
3 Scoop Stretcher design parameters Scoop Stretcher length 2400mm Scoop Stretcher width 600mm 1 main body height 500mm total height 00mm weight 8kg permissible load 0kg maximum load 150kg4 design mission design mission and requirements.
This paper focuses on the design of "collapsible Scoop Stretcher", mechanical structure, work, standpoint and market prospects. Determine the angle θ and then weld a small pin on a bracket. 5 spray machine parts of the pressure function press. Lighting and infusion assembly to improve the rescue efficiency. 2 backrest with a self-adjusting tilt angle function, can adjust the divergence angle, meet all kinds of needs. Its institutions as shown in Figure 2: spring pin sleeve. Enough to load the load below 150kg. 22 on) afternoon

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