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The Sterilization Management Of The Automatic Loading Stretcher In The Operating Room Should Be Taken Seriously

The sterilization management of the Automatic Loading Stretcher in the operating room should be taken seriously
Automatic Loading Stretcher as a delivery device for the patient in the operating room, provides convenience for surgery, emergency, and can not be performed. Our hospital is currently using the aluminum alloy docking exchange, which has the advantage of the inside and outside the frame can be separated from the pull, so as to avoid the car into the operating room caused by pollution, to ensure that the operating room clean and sterile, welcome. Because of the operation of patients, automatic loading stretcher use frequently, especially the Automatic Loading Stretcher on the service, can not guarantee a set of 1, is the hospital potential infection risks. Therefore, to strengthen the automatic loading of stretchers and clothing disinfection management, is to prevent the hospital infection and cross infection is one of the important work.
Automatic loading of the causes of cross infection
(1) due to surgical patients, the number of automatic loading stretcher is limited, can not guarantee 1 person 1 car 1 was. (2) no hands to see the car and management, doctors are afraid of trouble, send the patient, the inside and outside the car does not exchange, directly push the car to the ward, causing the car in the ward pollution, resulting in operating room pollution. (3) rescue emergency, trauma and other patients, the face of the disease is unknown high-risk groups, uncertain factors, which do not rule out infectious diseases and patients with secretions, excreta contamination risk, easily lead to the doctor's Intercrossing and car contamination. (4) the Automatic Loading Stretcher as a means of transport vehicles, before and after use is not wiped, disinfected, but also caused the Automatic Loading Stretcher damage and cross infection reasons. (5) At present, most people on the automatic loading of stretchers and clothes used disinfection management awareness indifferent, ignoring it is the hospital's potential infection and cross-infection factors.
Management method
(1) to develop a system for automatic loading of stent disinfection management. Send a nurse every week in the patient entrance on duty, every day early and late 2 times the Automatic Loading Stretcher to implement cleaning and disinfection, with 1: 200 "84" disinfectant wipe. Responsible for the transfer of patients inside and outside the car exchange work, supervision of doctors to implement the situation of the exchange. The use of disposable towel single cover, cotton quilt with the dirty with the election, elective surgery such as HbsAg positive infection, the use of special vehicles, was, for trauma, emergency patients use disposable towel,
(2) to strengthen the training of hospital infection knowledge. The use of docking automatic loading stretcher exchange advantages it can effectively prevent nosocomial infection, to ensure that the operating room clean and sterile, to the surgical staff to promote disinfection, anti-infection and self-protection and other knowledge. On the new subjects or training interns do publicity and education to ensure that the implementation of the system in place.
(3) check the implementation of supervision. By a supervisor in charge of the Automatic Loading Stretcher clean disinfection, internal and external exchange, the surgeon to comply with the provisions of the provisions of the inspection, the offenders were criticized, depending on the circumstances, to ensure that no nosocomial infection and cross infection.
To ensure that the car dedicated
Automatic loading of stretchers can only be used as a means of transport to the patient, not for his use. At present, although there is no Automatic Loading Stretcher to send the patient and cause infection problems, but the use of the situation and management problems, should cause the attention of the majority of health care workers to prevent nosocomial infection and cross infection, to increase pain and cause the economy Loss, to prevent the occurrence of medical disputes. Zhangjiagang City Huayu medical bed factory is located in the national advanced civilized city - Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, is a production, research and development, sales in one of the stretcher, traction bed and other medical equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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